The Postman never closed your envelope for you

Why let somebody else do it for you now it is digital?


This site will explain why you should protect your own mail.

Securing your mail is like securing your house. All house doors have a lock, only the owners have a key

Securing your mail works the same way. You give your address and lock, but keep the key to yourself!

Why do it yourself?

Potential issues with secure mail providers

How do you know for sure their locks and keys are good enough?

Avoid security by Obscurity!

Can you trust the suppplier? What if he is bought by another company?

What if their server gets hacked and messages and keys are stolen?

sec mail provider in the middle

How does it work?

No one in the middle

Only sender and receiver can read the message

Open standard encryption makes use of the best available. Otherwise it will be in the news soon!

nothing in between

What is needed

Just a public and a private key

To send an email secure you need a public key from the receiver.

The recieve an secure email you need a public key for your address and a private key (only for you!) to decrypt the message

1. Get a public / private key

2. Activate encryption in your mail server (Apple see ..., Gmail see....,.xxmail see ... )

3. Just send the mail

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